Even closer to the beach!

How does your current address compare to Seaside?

  • Did you get any sand between your toes at home before breakfast?
  • Did your neighbours sing to you from the rainforest as you left?
  • Did you spot any wildlife from your kitchen window?
  • Can you walk to one of the 10 best golf courses in Australia?
  • Did you travel less than 16 minutes to the city,
    yet feel like home is a million miles away? 
  • Did you think you were on holiday when you woke up this morning? 
  • Did you put a backpack on the last time you took a stroll
    where you breathed in heady scents of surf and trees?
  • Can you leave home to go to the beach, jog a sand dune, walk across a protected
    rainforest, catch a fish for dinner or just about anything else your heart desires?

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